Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's for the memories

I have to remind myself and everyone reading this that I have started this blog to play the role as a journal. I want to be able to look back to this and allow it to remind me of all the memories I am making. I haven't been able to tell anyone about my exciting news today because well... I want it to be a surprise. Okay I'm just confusing you so there I go...

Last night I told Mr. Love I needed to go to the mall to pick up something I had ordered from JCPenny. He told me that he also wanted to go. Without any questions we jumped in the car and made our way to JCPenny. After picking up my order Mr. Love said he wanted to walk around in the mall. We did the usual by splitting up and I went to New York and Company and he went to Walden's Books. After we went to our stores we meet up and started to walk back to the store were we had parked to leave. As we were passing one of the jewelery stores Mr. Love veered into it while saying he wanted to double check on my ring size. Inside I'm freaking out at this point but I just kept smiling. Mr. Love and the guy behind the jewelry counter acted as if they knew each other. He took my ring size and I began to look in the jewelry case. I pointed to a few telling Mr. Love that I really liked them. As we were leaving I saw a ring out of the counter of my eye. I stopped and looked at it. With out knowing a price or anything about it I started professing my love for it. It is everything I have ever wanted. I mean PERFECT!!! You have to remember, Mr. Love and I are on a budget. He just graduated in May and I still have 1 year of school left. After I finished staring at the ring I looked up at Mr. Love giving him the sign that we could leave. I noticed a little grin he was giving the guy behind the counter. SOOO I'm not getting my hopes up but I can't quit thinking about it! I can't FREAKIN wait. I can't wait to be sporting my new beauty! This is it. What do ya think? If this is not the one I get than that is completely okay. I will be sooo excited and happy with whatever Mr. Love buys me.

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  1. It's gorgeous! Is it white gold or platinum? Either way, it's beautiful:)


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