Tuesday, October 20, 2009

begining ideas

I love these colors together.

And I love this bouquet. I might would add a little of the green to it.

I like the bow that goes around this bouquet, not the color. I might would either do the green or maybe cream...hum I don't know. Actually no I don't think cream would be good. Any ideas?

I love these as center pieces for the reception. Coffee beans is a cute idea!

I Love these cakes! I really like the last one. I think it's my favorite.

I like the jelly bean idea as a favor!

I would love yo hear any ideas that you might have!!!!


  1. My next post will be for you! Make sure to check back with my blog a little bit later today!

    If you havent already, make sure to enter in my giveaway.

  2. What colors are you thinking???

  3. I did peonies for my wedding, they are beautiful! My colors were pink and brown so tons of pink flowers accented with white hydrangeas!

  4. You should really check out my wedding recap pictures - our taste is so similar! I used solid pink peonies for my bouquet but used the green in the ribbon. The bridesmaids bouquets (which actually ended up being waaay smaller than I wanted) had all of the colors. I think the bouquets really pop in the pictures!


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