Thursday, October 22, 2009

Engagment Pictures

Mr. Love and I are getting our engagement pictures done this weekend! I love all of the colors in the trees during fall and I wanted to do it soon for sure. When I called yesterday she suggested we do it THIS weekend because the next one will be Halloween and there will probably be a lot going on. We are doing it at my all time favorite park back home. We are meeting Sunday at 2:30! Everything is happening so fast…I love it. I’m still trying to soak everything in… is that weird?
What to wear? I’m defiantly going shopping this weekend! Mr. Love has plenty of things to wear so I know no matter what I pick out he will have a collared shirt to match. I’m thinking we will bring 2 outfits to change in too. Mr. Love really wants us to get matching college T-shirts. After this year we will have both graduated from WKU. I’m not sure about that idea! I feel like that’s too much like senior pictures.
Ahhh…. What if I can’t find anything to wear? I feel so rushed! I’m very, very excited… just a little worried about what to wear, that’s all!
I’m going to get a poster board and with black sharpie I’m going to write our wedding date on it and we will hold it in one of our pictures. I will send those out as our save-the-dates! Cute idea don’t ya think?


  1. Oooh, I hope it goes well and you make and capture lots of memories!

  2. Your pictures are going to come out AMAZING!! I love the leaves in the fall as well


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