Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Accessories make an outfit!

I live by the motto; "Accessories make an outfit"
I wanted my wedding jewelry to be simple but yet classy. Nothing to flashy or gaudy. I have decided that I will be wearing white pearls. Just a single strand for both my necklace and my bracelet. My grandmother also wore pearls when she got married and I was ever so excited when she asked if I would like to wear her pearl earrings. Totally pumped!


  1. That is so sweet.. will you consider the earrings as your "something old" or "borrowed"?

  2. I think I will use them as my "something old!"

  3. Pearls are the epitome of class IMO. I wore pearl earrings to my wedding!

  4. I think you made a great choice!!
    Always classic and elegant! :)

  5. So pretty...you're almost making me rethink my 'gawdy' overdone brooch necklace and braclet now (wink, wink). Maybe I should have stuck with simple pearls...Hmmm.


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