Monday, January 25, 2010

final menu!

After much thought we have decided on our final menu. On July 10th, the biggest day of my life (thus far) we will be serving a pasta dinner. The menu includes pasta with either marinara sauce or a marinara meat sauce, the Olive Garden salad (my fav.) and homemade bread. Our caterer will provide someone to fix our guests plates as they walk through the line to get their food. I was a little nervous about having a sit down dinner just because I'm afraid there won't be enough seats for everyone. By having a line, it will allow our guests to come and go as they please. Some people might prefer to talk, some might start dancing while others will be ready to eat.


  1. Yum! I can definitely go to town on some pasta. And I love the Olive Garden dressing!

  2. I was in a wedding last fall that did a pasta buffet line type thing and it worked out so well! Sounds delicious.


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