Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day Clearance/Wedding Napkins

Hey you guys,

Yesterday I went to Walmart, while browsing through the Valentines Days clearance I ran across bright pink napkins. They were in packages of 25 marked down to $.75. They are exactly my color pink so I couldn't pass them up. I bought 9 packages and I think that will be plenty for the wedding reception. If I need too, I will alternate white within the pink. There is a local company who prints napkins so I might see about the pricing.

Also, I bought matching pink plates. They are small plates so we might use them at the cake table. They were also on clearance for the same price. A package of 25 for $.75. I'm not sure about them yet. If we don't use them for cake then we can use them for a shower.

I love finding good deals!


  1. gah! go buy me those napkins if i can't find them at my wal mart! lol those are perfect! :) i'm going to be stamping and embossing them myself!

  2. How will you do that? I love doing DIY projects but I'm not very good at getting ideas.

  3. This is a fantastic deal and you can't go wrong with pink! I hope you had a wonderful V-Day sweetie.

  4. that's awesome! when we got married I tried to save where I could so I didn't have to skimp on the things I really wanted. good job finding such a deal!


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