Thursday, February 18, 2010

To do list!

142 days = little less than 5 months
1. Passport applications, pictures, and appointment
2. Pick out/order wedding bands
3. Register for the men's attire
4. Flower girl dress
5. Dress for for both mothers
6. 2 bridesmaids needing to order there dresses
7. Rehearsal dinner plans
8. Bridal Party gifts
9. Picking songs for reception
10. Picking readings and music for ceremony
11. Email addresses for my showers

Don't get me wrong... I'm so EXCITED but I'm also very tired. And all I can think about is this:


  1. That blanket/sheets look amazing! haha... Okay, so about your comment earlier. For the napkins you just would need a stamp that you liked, embossing powder, and a heating took. Do you follow Kmattso2 from Happily Ever After? She just did a tutorial on her blog last week or something. It might take a little time, but very easy project.

  2. New to your blog just stopping by to say hello ! Sounds like your going to be a busy girl good luck with your list !

  3. oh wow you do have a lot on your plate!! good luck!

  4. You will get it done. I just posted about how to-do lists stress me out too much nowadays - only 50 days to go! I would just think about one thing you have to do and focus on getting that done. I know what you mean about being tired :)


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