Monday, November 23, 2009

Why I love this week!

I'm so excited about my new blog background! Isn't it adorable? My friend Alexa over at and I spend hours Saturday night finding the PERFECT one. I love the picture of B and I at the top. Thanks Alexa... your awesome!!! hehe

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

1. I only have a 2 day work/class week
2. Going home to stay with my parents on Wednesday afternoon through Thanksgiving
3. While we are home we will be picking up our Christmas tree that Alexa is letting us borrow. Which means we will up it up this weekend when we get back home. CAN'T WAIT
4. I'm bringing home a few new recipes in celebration of Thanksgiving and I can't wait to try them. I'll post them later this afternoon
5. We are expecting snow flurries on Thursday
6. B and I will have several days this week to just be together and relax!!


  1. Yey for 2 day work/school weeks! I have a 3 day one...but I will take that over a 5 day one! :))

  2. Enjoy your time relaxing and time together with your loved ones! XO!


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