Sunday, November 15, 2009

I said yes to the dress!!!

I'm so excited to announce that I bought my wedding dress yesterday. It's exactly what I have been wanting. I love love love it! I'm not going to post any pictures even though I so badly want too. It's the ONLY dress I have tried on but I just knew it was the one as soon as I saw myself in the mirror. I will tell you all that it has a pink bow and I'm going to wear pink shoes! I'm so excited about that.

This isn't my dress but the bow it similar. I think it's adorable.

How many dresses did you try on before you found "the one?"


  1. Thanks for the sweet comment! I'm going to love reading someone else's wedding planning!

    p.s.--Lucky you on finding your dress! I found mine after 11 stores, 3 states, and 4 cities. But when you know, you know :)

  2. p.s.s. just saw you go to WKU... I went to Murray State!

  3. aw thanks for stopping by my blog. yours is super cute too. I love reading wedding blogs because this time last year, I was planning too.

    It took me a whole weekend LOL...because everything fit fine but nothing WOW-ed me. After telling my mom, I was never going to find "the one", it was the next dress I tried on.

  4. So exciting!! I tried on one dress, but my mom made me try on about ten for her. I got the first dress I tried on. I just knew it was the perfect one.

    Thanks so much for your comment and stoppin' by! Your blog is really cute too! Love the title!

  5. How fabulous. Loving the idea of pink. Gwen Stefani's is still one of my all time favs!

  6. Hey, I wanted to answer your question on how I lost the weight (in one week!) I cut out salt and did not eat out once, no sodas, and instead of chicken bisquits for breakfast, I ate blueberries and yogurt.
    Here's what I ate (and I wasn't hungry)
    yougurt with blueberries
    string cheese
    spinach salad with chicken and lowfat dressing
    100 cal bag of popcorn
    lean meat and veggie
    hot coco for snack before bed
    I am trying to keep it up until Thanksgiving, then let myself cheat then back on track the first of December. Bathing suit/boat season will be here before I know it.
    Have a great day!

  7. Oh! About the bulletin board, I'm going to have blank business cards for guests to write short notes on and they can pin them on the board ;)

  8. Haha the first dress I tried on was "the one". It just took trying on 50 other dresses to make me realize it!

    Love it by the way and your blog is super cute!

  9. I happened to try on the first dress as well and that was the "one!" Funny how that works -- love the pink accent bow!

  10. Ah, you are going to look beautiful!! I still haven't found the one yet, but its been a fun ride :)


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