Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Scents

One my of favorite things about the Christmas season is all of the wonderful scents. Just think about it... It's the one time of the year that everything smells so wonderful! Here are a few of my favorites;

All of the baking

The smell of REAL Christmas trees

Winter Candy Apple by Bath and Body Works holiday collection

YUmm... hot coco

My parents are putting in a real fireplace and I'm pumped about going home on Christmas

The way the air smells when it snows

What is your favorite thing about the Christmas season?


  1. Thanks for the sweet note- your blog is uber cute!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh, what a fabulous post. Is there anything better than baking cookies while sipping hot cocoa? YUM!

  3. Definitely sitting with my hubby and the kids looking and smelling the Christmas tree, and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows.

  4. I am still waiting to smell my real xmas tree. I put it up the other day, but still waiting for it to realease it'a amazing smell!
    I gave you credit for the recipe on my post today!! I linked to you and the recipe! Hope that is ok!

  5. Yay, I'm glad you found my blog and now I found yours haha. I love Christmas smells too. It's funny you mentioned the fireplace. I just bought a house last year and it doesn't have a fireplace, I haven't missed it until I realized I don't have a mantle to decorate, boo!

  6. Great post! I love the smell of a real tree, mine smells delish. This is the best time of year!

  7. You just mentioned a lot of things that I LOVE about Christmas. I love sitting by the fireside, reading Christmas stories, and watching Christmas movies. Yay!

  8. This post definitely put me in a Christmasy mood!

  9. I love, love, love Christmastime! Candles, fireplaces, Christmas music, snowflakes, fuzzy blankets, holiday movies, gift-giving, and all that fun stuff! Definitely one of my favorite times of the year! :)

  10. Hot chocolate is one of my favorites too!
    sandy toe

  11. Yay, always nice to have a new follower! :) Your blog is cute too!

    And I agree, Christmas smells are the best! Vanilla Bean Noel from Bath and Body Works is another one of my favorite smells!


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