Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wedding Cake Topper

I have been looking for a cake topper all week. I didn't realize how expensive they are! I really wanted the monogrammed letters. I wanted to do a Y in the middle, which is our last name and then 2 little Bs on the side for our first names. Who knew you could spend almost $100 on a wedding cake topper... that's insane! So lucky me, I decided to look on eBay where I won a 4inch Y for 2 dollars! 2 dollars can you believe that? They didn't charge any shipping either and it came 2 days later. I'm so excited.... It's just what I wanted


  1. Isn't it nuts how pricey those are? You found an amazing deal!

  2. That is awesome!! I have yet to decide whether I'm going to do a cake or just cupcakes. I love me some cupcakes:)


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