Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hello Bloggie world. It's so good to see you again.
I know- worst blogger award goes to me...

I have been inspired to get back into blogging. Recently I met a great friend who also blogs. After reading some of hers I decided it was time for me to get back into it. It has always been such a great outlet for me; to express myself... to capture memories. So, needless-to-say... I'm back! And back for good this time!

The past 6 months have been nothing shy of a whirlwind. As my life has drastically changed so will my blog. No more wedding details! I have moved on.

I am now working for the Cooperative Extension Service where I hold the SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program) Educator position. One day I might be hosting a cooking segment on our local news station and the next I am in a classroom teaching! Every day is something new and different.

My blog will now capture some of my work life, some of my personal life, and some of my interest; couponing, decorating, and cooking!

I hope you all continue to read my blog. I know I have a TON of catching up to do!

PS- I am in the process of fixing my background. However, seeing that I am technologically impaired who knows how long this will take ;)

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