Sunday, July 31, 2011

backyard barbeque- family style

My beautiful little cousin!                      My brother and his new GF

 Going through the food line!                                      Husby and his friend Adam.

The beautiful dessert!

Since we have moved into our new house (a year ago) we have never had a family barbeque. You know, the ones where you invite everyone you know...? So we decided this was just the weekend for that. We had around 15ish people come and everything turned out great. Well, besides the weather. Because it rained on and off all day and the high was 98 degrees it was super humid and sticky. So, the backyard barbeque turned into an indoor barbeque! But that was okay. 
Some of our friends also came and ended up staying the night. We had such a wonderful day. I love catching up with family and friends; getting filled in on everything that is happening back home.
This was a big day for my little brother who introduced his new girlfriend to the family. She was super nice and I'm excited to get to know her more. 
The day was perfect. We should totally do this more often! 

What did you all do this weekend??


  1. i was super busy this weekend *you can read more on my blog* but your weekend sounds like fun! your blog is super cute girl! i can't wait to read more! xo

  2. oh my word how cute is that dessert!


  3. I love get togethers, especially those where your friends end up staying a while!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. Oh your backyard bbq looks fabulous. Wish someone would have invited me! LOL! kidding. The food looks great and ya'll are so cute!


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