Monday, March 29, 2010

True Friendships

Now that I'm getting married it's very easy for me to see how I WASN'T a good friend during my BFF's wedding last year. Ahh.... I hate this.
Over the weekend we were talking about the wedding budget and how to cut money. She suggested that we have a pot-luck or ask my bridesmaids mothers to cook a dish to bring to the rehearsal dinner. When she was getting married last year she also suggested that they may have a potluck rehearsal dinner for her wedding. I judged her BIG TIME and I couldn't believe she would dare have a potluck! I couldn't help but think how "redneck" that is and how unthoughtful! I'm such a BITCH!!! Why in the world would I judge her about that? I should have realized her budget situation and supported her. I should have wanted her to have a stress free event. The rehearsal dinner should have been the last thing she should be worrying about. Although, I never said anything to her I just gossiped and judged. Now, I'm nothing but appreciative of how thoughtful she is being. She also suggested doing very small bridal party gifts and even not doing them at all. Can you believe how thoughtful this is? Uhh... I hate that I would have NEVER said that to her. I couldn't believe it, someone who is spending so much money and dedicating so much time wanted nothing in return. I have been an terrible friend. No doubt, We have our issues... but that's TRUE friendship!
I am so blessed to have such amazing people and friends in my life. I don't have a lot of family and especially people who care about the wedding so my friends are my EVERYTHING. People always say "you are lucky to have 1 true friend in a life time." I must be VERY lucky because I have at least 4 or 5. Which, there has been times when I haven't treated all of them fair either. I'm just so appreciative of everyone who is doing so much to help make my wedding day run smooth. I'm a little emotional today, if you can't tell.
So needless-to-day, my new goal is to be less of a bitch, to be more supportive of my friends, to be less selfish, to no longer judge, and to no longer gossip!

To a new beginning, a new me, and to true friendships!


  1. The great thing about this is that it gives me hope that the people who are judging me now for our cheap wedding will eventually realize how wrong they were for being so hurtful. So thanks for sharing. And you are a very good friend if you have realized this. I hope you share it with her.

  2. Thanks for your honesty sweetie. I've had friends who have had weddings on a budget and they have been able to make it work, and I know you will too!


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