Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Basketball Baby

B had an amazing coaching opportunity to take his team to the state championship. However, they did lose 2 games before the championship it was still a wonderful opportunity. The games were held at Rupp Arena (where UK plays.) We were able to walk around under and behind the court and we had passes to enter the hospitality room, which is HUGE. We saw and talked with several big name coaches there and even Joe B. Hall!!!

This is at Diddle Arena (WKU Basketball) where the team won the regional championship which allowed the to play at RUPP

The team warming up before the first game. B texting me to see where I am hahah!!!

Standing so proudly on the RUPP court.

Besides all this basketball excitement I'm also so relived it's over! We have SOO much wedding stuff to do that we haven't been able to get anything done, especially during tournament time. Remember girls, this is my first full year living with a basketball coach! Who knew the time it took?


  1. I can only imagine how busy it must get. Especially if the team is doing well!

  2. How exciting and glad you enjoyed yourself! Hope your wedding planning is going well. :)


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