Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Refrigerator Finds!

There is nothing more welcoming than to walk into someones kitchen with their refrigerator covered in a collage of pictures, to-do lists, calendars, coloring pages, and grocery lists. Husby and I have NOTHING on our refrigerator and I hate it! I have been searching for the perfect magnets since we moved into our house but I have had no luck. Until the other day... I had the genius idea to search the ETSY website. You can find anything on there, right?  I'm seriously SOO glad I did. Look at what all I found...

The button magnet is soo cute!

How cool is this? I love that you can store herbs and spices this way.

I love all the colors of the fruit. These would totally match my kitchen.

I'm a sucker for floral prints.

I, of course love the UK bottle caps! Showing my UK pride.

ah-dorable clothespins!

I love the letters.

How will I ever be able to choose what magnets to buy? They are all presh!
I need your help; which ones are your favorite??


  1. Oh my goodness I love it - did you buy any of them? I especially love the floral prints, so pretty! Thanks so much for your sweet comment girl! Have a fantastic week. xo.

  2. No, I haven't bought any yet. They are all so cute I just can't decide which ones to get. haha

  3. Love these! Oh my goodness why did I just clean off my fridge, maybe I can send you all the "stuff" I took off of mine for your fridge! : )

  4. Those are all super cute! Thanks for sharing! I just found your blog on 20sb...I'm your newest follower :)

  5. How cute are all of this. I really need to redecorate my refrigerator now!


  6. The herb and spice holders are beautiful!!

  7. Omg those are too cute! I was the same way when we first moved in here- I was scouring CVS and little boutiques to find some magnets to make the kitchen warmer and more-homey:) Must check out Etsy!

  8. Love them all! I'm seriously about to hunt down the button and floral print ones on Etsy right now!

    Love the spice and herb idea too! xoxo


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