Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Final Days

I'm sure all you brides can sympathize with me and how FREAKING busy I am. I can never seem to cross everything off my "to-do" list. I have to admit that I LOVE it! This has been the best and most exciting time of my life. So with only 3 weeks left until the big I have create a last minute "to-do" list. I know I know... I have a slight obsession with lists! Any who...
1. Marriage Certificate
2. Gift for flower girl
3. Socks to put with groomsmen gifts
4. Print and fold programs, We have completed a practice one and I love them. They are very simple but very classy.
5. And I need to buy 2 baskets; 1 for the programs and 1 for cards at the gift table.
With just 2 meltdowns everything is coming together.
I'm so so so excited for the honeymoon. Today I ordered this bathing suit

And this

And now I'm officially DONE! I don't need ANYTHING else to take on the honeymoon except out toiletries. As far as clothing goes I have got everything I need!!! So PUMPED

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